Blue Guard Blue Light Defense Supplements – 60 Count Softgels, 100 mg., Enhanced Eye Health, Clinically Proven, Increases Macular Pigment Density, Reduces Glare Sensitivity, Non-GMO, with LuteMax 2020

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End Digital Eye Strain

The macula, the part of your eye that filters out damaging light, has adapted to most types of natural light. But the artificial blue light that shines from computers, tablets, televisions and smartphones can damage the macula over time. When your eyes can’t filter out this harmful light, you can experience symptoms of eye strain like tired eyes, dry eyes or blurry vision. These symptoms can appear with as little as a few hours of exposure. And with the increased use of digital devices, it’s been reported that nearly 70% of people in their 30’s are getting 5 or more hours of screen time a day.


Lutemax 2020: The Natural Power Inside

Lutemax 2020 is the proprietary blend of lutein and zeaxanthin found in every bottle of Blue Guard. Your eyes need these nutrients to stay healthy, and Blue Guard provides them in the exact right ratio for optimal eye function.

Lutemax 2020 is derived from GMO-free marigolds, sustainably grown on family farms in India. Sourcing from marigolds is better for the environment, too. Because marigolds are a sustainable crop, they can be grown with minimal environmental impact. Plus, each bottle we sell supports local farmers and their families and allows us to provide healthcare and educational initiatives for the farmers we work with.


Proven to Protect

The lutein and zeaxanthin in Lutemax 2020 directly target and strengthen your macula, helping your eyes filter out blue light. And when Lutemax 2020 is put to the test, it performs well. In published clinical studies, Lutemax 2020 has been proven to:

  • Promote healthy eye function
  • Show a rapid and significant increase in macular pigment density
  • Produce results in 8 weeks—or just one bottle of Blue Guard

PREVENT EYE STRAIN: Headaches and tired, blurry, dry or achy eyes can be symptoms of digital eye strain or “computer vision syndrome.” Blue Guard helps your eyes filter out the blue light that causes eye strain, helping you stay focused longer.
STRENGTHEN MACULA: Blue Guard eye vitamins are made with lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients needed for a healthy macula. The macula can thin with repeated exposure to blue light, but Blue Guard builds it up, improving eye health.
CLINICALLY PROVEN: The active ingredient in Blue Guard, LuteMax 2020 is proven to keep eyes healthy, build up the macula and produce results in just 8 weeks.
ALL NATURAL, GMO FREE: Lutemax 2020, the special blend of nutrients in Blue Guard, is derived from sustainably grown marigolds. So Blue Guard is a natural, GMO-free way to protect your eyes from blue light.
ONE BOTTLE PROMISE: When you take one pill a day, you’ll start to notice the difference in just 8 weeks-or one bottle of Blue Guard.