Whipworms and Pinworms

Whipworms/Pinworms and Ulcerative Colitis

Whipworms and Pinworms are types of parasites but I gave them their own page as they are bigger and can be seen in your stools.

What is really surprising is in trial studies of people with left-sided colitis the Trichuris Trichiura (TSO) is being used to treat UC and is having great success. For Crohn’s disease there has been a 73% remission rate. Because this whipworm imbeds in the small intestine only left sided colitis patients are being accepted into the study. If you would like to be a part of the trial here is a list:

Here is a site showing videos of whipworms in a colon. Click on the pictures and watch them in action: http://www.gastrointestinalatlas.com/English/Colon_and_Rectum/Parasites/parasites.html

Medications to Treat Whipworms and Pinworms