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Copper Toxicity

Copper Toxicity and Ulcerative Colitis

I have found there is a genetic condition called the MTHFR gene mutation and Ulcerative Colitis can occur because of it. The mutation exists in some people and doesn’t allow the body to methylate (read my article on methylation) some heavy metals, especially copper, properly in the body causing copper toxicity.

Copper, in it’s bound form, is necessary for nerve and tissue repair in the body among other things. In its unbound form it is toxic and in the colon can cause Ulcerative Colitis symptoms. You can have tests done to see if you have a build up of unbound copper.

Normally the body binds the copper to protiens and makes it usable in the body . In bodies that can’t methylate copper well, copper remains unbound and high copper levels (copper toxicity) can accumulate in the liver, tissues and intestines causing what is called leaky gut syndrome. This condition allows large particles of what normally would be waste to enter the blood stream causing the white blood cells to have to work overtime trying to get rid of them. Normally the waste would have been eliminated through the intestines as poop, but the copper accumulation in the intestines causes the mucous lining of the intestine too thin, creating large “holes” in the lining allowing the non-nutrients to sneak into the blood along with the necessary nutrients.

As the immune system is taxed by the constant barrage of toxins it sends out more and more white bloods cells. Allergies and Auto-immune conditions pop up in the body, such as food allergies, pars planitis, IBD, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, diabetes, and Ulcerative Colitis. As things keep getting worse more and more auto-immune conditions occur. I am reading an incredible amount of information on the copper connection to these conditions. I don’t know why more doctors aren’t testing copper levels. My son had a hair analysis done by a natural medicine doctor when he came down with pars planitis (an auto-immune eye condition) 5 years before he came down with Ulcerative Colitis. He had high levels of copper then. However when we saw the doctor after he came down with UC, the doctor never made the connection between the copper and the condition.

High copper levels are also associated with insomnia, heart disease, hair loss, migraine headaches, depression, mood swings, anxiety, high blood pressure, bouts of anger, and psychotic episodes. Low copper levels have been associated with autism.

Low zinc and molybdenum levels can lead to or worsen copper excess. Most people with the limited ability to methylate copper have low zinc and low molybdenum levels. These two metals block copper in the body. Adding Zinc as a supplement can help lower copper levels but it can also lower calcium levels so take a calcium/magnesium (if you can’t tolerate magnesium then Calcium/D3) supplement. Molybdenum is a metal also that blocks copper and as far as I can tell has little side effects.

I have been in contact with an RN who’s daughter has Ulcerative Colitis. She is the person who initially told me about the copper connection. She has a supplement that combines the proper enzymes, vitamins and metals for people who don’t methylate copper properly. She also has a protein supplement called Seacure (you can get that at a health food store). It is a protein that was developed in the 70’s to help combat world hunger. It is a protein broken down into its digestive form and contains peptides and enzymes that help the body to methylate. People who don’t methylate copper well, don’t break down protein well either. She swears by the supplements for her daughter. I have given them to my son with good results. I know that George’s Aloe Vera Juice helped him a lot when he is in flare. It is high in molybdenum and zinc along with natural anti-inflammatories and vitamins. Which mean there is a strong possibility that he does not methylate copper well along with having had parasites.


Since people with Ulcerative Colitis suffer from a damaged mucosal lining. MucosaHeal adds a smooth film over the mucous membrane  along with other benefits. Until you can get the copper levels down this may help you. You can learn more by clicking on the picture.


Check out this site:

Because copper is important you don’t want to eliminate it. However with high copper levels you want to get rid of the excess unbound copper and also include supplements that will help the body methylate the copper. If you think this may be your trigger, get tested for copper toxicity.

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