Flex Pro ES: Supports Joint & Cartilage Health – Repair, Rehydrate and Restore Damaged Joints – Combines BiovaFlex Eggshell Membrane + Flexuron Hyaluronic Acid+ Zanthin Astaxanthin + Boswellia

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Flex Pro ES: Repair, Rehydrate and Restore Damaged Joints

Flex Pro ES is a full spectrum solution that provides the body the necessary building blocks to repair damaged joint tissue, improve synovial fluids and neutralize the root causes of joint issues.

Rehydrate Joint Fluids*

Flex Pro ES works to stimulate the production of synovial fluids within your joints. The synovial fluids are responsible for the viscoelasticity and lubricating properties of the joints, thus the improved production and regulation of these fluids leads to the re-hydration of joints and a reduction in stiffness.*

Repair Damaged Joint Tissue*

Flex Pro ESª provides your joints the necessary building blocks to repair damaged joint tissue and cartilage. These essential building blocks work to reverse years of damage and provide your body the necessary components for strong, stable and healthy joints.*

Improve Mobility, Movement & Flexibility*

Flex Pro ES work to restore mobility, movement and flexibility within your joints by restoring damaged joints as well as targeting and eliminating the root cause of joint degradation. This full-spectrum approach to joint health will get you back in motion.

Provides Joint & Cartilage Building Blocks: Flex Pro ES and its content of Eggshell membrane provides the body highly bioavailable sources of elastin, elastin precursors, collagen and glucosaminoglycan; which are necessary building blocks that the body leverages to rebuild and maintain connective joint tissue and cartilage
Neutralizes Inflammation in Joints: The content of Astaxanthin, Boswellia and Flexuron within the formulation works to synergistically reduce inflammation thus improving overall joint health, each ingredient neutralizes inflammation along a different inflammation pathway, thus providing you a full spectrum approach to reducing joint inflammation.
Purity & Quality Standards: Flex Pro ES is 3rd part tested and shown to be 100% free of GMOs, Soy, Gluten, Fillers, Binders , additives, preservatives or artificial nutrients. Each ingredient is extracted without the use of solvents and thoroughly tested for all forms of contaminates; including Heavy Metals, Aflatoxin, Microbials and Pesticides. This product is manufactured in an organic certified facility.