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Men with Ulcerative Colitis and Sex

Men with UC and Sex

Sexual Performance and Men with Ulcerative Colitis 

Sex is a three letter word, but it has a tremendous impact on our daily lives. If you’re living with Ulcerative Colitis, you may have realized that your condition can affect your sex life in many ways. According to studies, 40% of men with UC have reported having issues with desire during a flare. 25% have reported the condition prevents them from having sex.  And about 20% of men with UC say it has caused problems during sex. Women are equally affected. UC interrupts a men’s sex life both mentally and physically. (29)

Having anxiety about the impacts of Ulcerative Colitis on your body and sexual relationships is normal. Intimacy is a vital part of life and required by everyone. Men in particular who suffer from UC may find it hard to talk to their doctor about the effect it is having on their sexual health. On the positive side, UC, unless in flare, does not always limit your physical ability to engage in sex. However, the emotional  and physical effects of Ulcerative Colitis can be devastating to the point where you don’t want to have sex. This is especially true when the UC is at its worst. However, it should come as a relief that just as the physical symptoms can be treated, so to the psychological effects of UC can be managed. It does not have to affect your sexual desire or activity.

According to a study Sexual Dysfunctions in Men and Women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (29) There are no differences in the percentages of sexual dysfunction in men and women with IBD compared to men and women without. However, it demonstrated that during times of flare there was a decrease in sexual desire, caused by depression. “The association between disease activity and sexual function was totally mediated by depression.” (Linda G.J. Bel, MD, et al. 2015)

Symptoms of UC can affect your body image, derailing you from engaging in an intimate sexual relationships. UC, however, should not be the end of your sexual life.

Most people avoid the discussion of sex and Ulcerative Colitis. Ulcerative Colitis is something a lot of men feel embarrassed about to begin with. Then to have to discuss the issues in the bedroom that UC causes is something most men will avoid talking to their doctor or partner about.

Sex And Self-Image 

Sexual confidence is knowing and appreciating your abilities, your worth and how you’ll perform in the bedroom. This is essential to having a great sex life because whatever you believe about yourself is what you’ll portray to your sexual partner. Try the following simple techniques to improve your self-image. You’ll certainly feel better about yourself, and your sexual partner will notice it!


Increasing Your Penis Size

There’s no doubt that having a smaller sized penis can be a cause of poor body image and anxiety among most men, especially those living with Ulcerative Colitis. If you find out that your size is smaller than those around you, you’ll obviously feel inadequate and more frustrated. Don’t worry, there is a solution.

There are of course many tools, pills, and supplements which promise to enlarge your penis within days. However, I can’t recommend most of them to men with Ulcerative Colitis because I can’t guarantee that they are clinically safe to be used with UC. During my research, I came across a highly advanced state of the art product, which I want to recommend here to help as many people as possible.

Bathmate is a clinically tested and approved penis enlargement tool that is sold worldwide and proven to work. The inventive device has been manufactured from a specially selected skin-safe, phthalate free, and medical grade materials. Each range of Bathmate Hydropump products undergoes a specially designed dermatological testing study done by a globally renowned specialist clinic.

Increasing your penis size will undoubtedly boost your penis health and well-being resulting in improved erections. Aspen Clinical Research has ultimately passed Hydromax pump as a medically safe tool for use around the genital area. The Xtreme pump comes with a vast range of accessories innovatively designed to help you get the best out of your pump. From aiding in each exercise to care and maintenance, this pack of accessories comes with everything you need.

You started learning about sexuality when your sexual body organs grew and developed. Boys begin experiencing puberty by getting erections and sometimes, an increase in penile size. This process may be slower in boys with Ulcerative colitis, delaying their sexual maturation. The delay may worry some boys because kids feel normal’ or unexceptional by comparing themselves with their peers.

Such a delay may have made you feel inferior among your peers right from an early age. The inferiority complex may have been carried along to adulthood, and here you are; still feeling inferior about your sexuality. Don’t fret though; all is not lost! There are some things you can do to boost your self-image in the bedroom. Visit the site and it will walk you through which product is best for you and how to measure your penis.

Increase Probiotic Levels

It is highly recommended that people with UC take probiotics. Read What is the Colon on this site.
According to Anish Sheth, M.D. in the video below, increasing probiotics will help with the symptoms and help in the bedroom.

Increasing Sex Drive While Living with UC

Lots of men complain about having a lack of sexual desire or problems becoming aroused. In this case, you may need to use longer foreplay or perhaps spice things up by investing in some erotic toys. My Secret Luxury has a great line of many products.

If you have fears of erectile dysfunction and UC, then you are not alone. As always ED is more of a psychological condition rather than a physical one in many cases. It often stems from depression. Being open and honest about your feelings to your partner will go a long way in increasing sex drive while living with UC anxiety that comes with UC. Together you and your partner can experience a healthy, happy and fulfilled sex life.

Ulcerative Colitis can affect your self-image and as a result, interfere with the development of your sexual life.

Ulcerative Colitis, Sex and Anxiety

Men who live with UC often struggle with questions of whether the condition will make sex painful, or whether the medication will affect their sex drive. They may also have questions about needing to use the toilet during sex? While most men will not openly admit to these concerns, they are completely natural. By talking about them with your doctor and your partner – if you can, it will help you feel more at ease and less embarrassed about the condition.

It is advisable that you speak to your partner about your body image while living with Ulcerative Colitis. This is especially when you feel depressed and frustrated about having UC. This can help to make intimacy easier. You don’t have to explain the condition and symptoms in detail, alternatively just explain your concerns about it. Always discuss it from the point of confidence and honesty as opposed to anxiety. As you both become more comfortable discussing the reality of the condition you can open up a little more to your partner. However, let it be a gradual process.

Working Out Improves Sexual Dysfunction

Steroids taken when suffering from UC may cause weight gain, making you feel less desirable. You can counteract this by eating healthy and exercising any time you feel comfortable.

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and depression. Since depression and anxiety are prevalent in people suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, working out while not in flare is paramount to helping improve relations in the bedroom while living with Ulcerative Colitis.

According to a study published in a The Journal of Sexual Medicine (28),  workouts were associated with better sexual performance and erectile functioning. Also, having a healthy weight makes you feel better about your appearance, therefore, improving your overall body image.

Working out also lowers the risk of colon cancer which is a higher risk for those with UC.

Feeling like you look good is the best aphrodisiac you’ll ever take. So, go to the gym, workout at home if you are shy about how you look, be active and start eating healthy. You’ll begin feeling awesome about yourself when you’ve gotten fit or lost the weight, and this is going to make you perfect in bed.

I don’t recommend the weight gainers or body building supplements, as tempting as that can be. Many contain Creatine and that can cause intestinal irritation. They also contain high levels of B12 which is stored in the liver. In a normal colon the body processes the B’s. Because UC affects how the colon functions B’s are not processed efficiently. Though it is recommended that people with UC take a low dose of B vitamins that include B12, too much B12 is harmful.  My son, who has UC, ended up with high levels of B12. It takes many years for these levels to go down. It can cause early dementia. High levels of B12 have also shown the odds of developing certain kinds of cancer increase with high levels of B12. A study  by reseachers at Aarhus University Hospital Department of Clinical Epidemiology shows it may pose an increase risk. Other symptoms include vomiting and nausea, stomach aches and runny aggressive stools, palpitations, nervousness, insomnia and in worse cases partial facial paralysis.

Sex and UC – Practical Tips

If you need to use a suppository at night, you should probably use it after you have had sex and this will reduce the need to use the toilet during sexual intercourse.

A lubricating gel can be used to make sex more comfortable.

Intimacy doesn’t just mean sex. Sex is only one aspect of being intimate. If you are experiencing symptoms of the condition, cuddling and kissing is a great way to bond and feel closer to your partner. Also, try to keep in mind that your Ulcerative Colitis is just one part of who you are and there is so much more to you.

Dealing with UC can leave you feeling drained and fatigued most of the time. So try to find moments in the day when you have more energy for intimacy, such as when you get up in the morning rather than before going to bed at night.

If you have UC, you will most likely be using suppositories and enemas. This will probably stop you from having spontaneity in the bedroom. You can alternatively, choose to be spontaneous when you don’t have to use this medication.

This condition often leaves you feeling undesirable. Having a poor body image while living with UC is expected, however, you can overcome it. Speak to your partner about how you are feeling, and by doing so, you may realize that they don’t see the imperfections that you do. Opening up to your partner is the first step in bringing you closer together. However, there are tangible things that you can do as well. Try buying new clothes, getting a new haircut or creating a romantic setting to help you both ease into intimacy.

If you experience pain during sex, you will definitely need to speak to your doctor about it. He will probably prescribe you some medication to help ease the pain.

Empty Your Bowel before Sex

A common fear of men who have ulcerative colitis is that they might accidentally have diarrhea during sex, especially when flaring. Though this may not happen every time, the worry about the possibility of this happening can be very frustrating. The anxiety may make you have difficulties to attain and sustain an erection.

Going to the washroom and emptying your bowel before you start foreplay may make you feel more confident about having a successful sexual experience.

Needless saying, it is almost impossible to feel sexy if you’re entirely dissatisfied or unhappy with how you look. Feeling great about yourself boosts your self-confidence, enhancing your sexual experience. So, if you’re living with UC, and you’d like to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest, don’t hesitate to invest in a tool that will help you enhance your body image.

Ulcerative Colitis the Emotional Toll

Ulcerative Colitis takes an Emotional Toll. Living with UC is not an easy task. You may be experiencing lots of emotions regarding the condition itself such as depression and anxiety. However, when it comes to your intimacy with a new or existing partner, that may present a whole other set of emotions too. These negative emotions are often linked to the side effects of the condition and also your low self-esteem. To learn more about the emotional toll Ulcerative Colitis takes click here.

Men who live with UC often struggle with questions of whether the condition will make sex painful, or whether the medication will affect their sex drive. They may also have questions about needing to use the toilet during sex? While most men will not openly admit to these concerns, they are completely natural. By talking about them with your doctor and your partner – if you can, it will help you feel more at ease and less embarrassed about the condition.

Having Sex with a Stoma

A stoma has little or no effect on your ability to enjoy sex, but resuming intimate sex after ostomy surgery can be a challenge. Medications administered, body parts affected, and the type of surgeries determine how soon you can have sex.

As your body heals, you’ll find out that you can enjoy sex the same way as before the surgery. You’ll, however, need to cope with changes to self-perceptions such as attractiveness and body image. Like most people, you may not like the idea of talking about sex and UC, but sharing what you feel with your sexual partner may greatly help here. For instance, try looking for positions, which you’re comfortable with and stick to them.

Sex Tips for Stoma Patients

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