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Scientific Studies

Ulcerative Colitis Scientific Studies

1. Of all the thousands of hours of research that I have done, this is by far the most exciting study that I have found. It is a serious long term study of the colon and ulcerative colitis done by a research hospital in Berlin. It includes pictures of the healthy colons and colons with Ulcerative Colitis. It gets very close to finding what actually causes Ulcerative Colitis. I think they miss the boat on one issue in their conclusion however. They conclude “Colonicinflammation is always accompanied by breaks in the mucus barrier.” True, but they don’t state the fact that the mucous layer is only invaded by bad bacteria in areas that are no longer protected by the layer of good bacteria. However, this is shown in a picture in the study and stated in the accompanying paragraph. Remember to always take your probiotic. Here is the study: mucouslayerstudy

2. One I find of particular interest: Deficiency of immune system ‘peacekeeper’ pinpointed in mice as cause of ulcerative colitis …  deficiency_of_immune_system.htm

3. Fiber is not processed properly in patients with Ulcerative Colitis


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